Google Doodle on Christmas Day

Google observed Christmas with its second portion occasion doodle arrangement, delineating a couple of present bearing penguins rejoining with their “warm-climate relatives.”

The polar animals are welcomed by their warm climate “relatives” with open wings and what gives off an impression of being a tropical treat: a pineapple. Another board demonstrated the gathering tucking in to an occasion feast under palm trees as the parrot has lay out a spread.

Another celebration is the Feast of St Nicholas, which takes place on 6 December, and is celebrated by Christians to mark the tale of the man on whom the tale of Santa Claus is based.

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The legendary figure of Saint Nicholas was born in the third century AD and is said to have used his large inheritance to help the poor and needy. Known for his generosity and love of children, he died on 6 December and the anniversary of his death soon became a day of celebration.

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In some countries, the Feast of St Nicholas, and not Christmas, is the main present-giving day, and children will leave shoes or stockings out in the hope they will be filled with presents during the night.

(Note: We think the hosts are parrots. Others have recommended they’re macaws. In any case, the family is by all accounts having a ton of fun.)

Google kicked the arrangement off seven days back as the “relatives” started planning for an occasion get-together. Google recommended there will be four sections in the arrangement with a picture demonstrating four boxes bearing the numbers 18, 25, 31 and 1.

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