A commercial kitchen needs to have a simple design with functionality as its prime concern.

Functionality and profitability is key to a professional kitchen

A commercial kitchen needs to be designed to be as efficient,safe and profitable as can be.It is the most integral part of the kitchen.Designed with the pleasing functionality for the owner,chef and kitchen workers.

Each task should be completed with the least amount of steps to complete any food preparation.A well thought out design will save money.

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 First step

List all foods that will be prepared in your kitchen.think about how it will be stored.This is the most important step when planning or designing a kitchen.Without having this essential list you will not know what equipment you will need.

With this careful planning it can avoid any costly changes to your kitchen.

Second step

Now make your list on equipment needed.You will need to note all measurements in detail.Think about your appliances,will you need a walk in refrigerator or stand alone cold storage ?

How much work preparation space will you need ? List full measurements of everything to ensure a smooth design and construction process.

Third step

Decide on the kitchen area position.Take into consideration the position of door ways,windows etc.Look at flooring including steps and levels.

There are many commercial kitchen planners available to design your kitchen. ” We can design your kitchen to the optimum efficiency to save you money long term.” Designer of catering equipment Birmingham.

Check plans and think about movement in a fully operational kitchen.Are kitchen staff able to move freely with hot pots and pans.Any waste of movement can cause fatigue and accidents and a poorly efficient kitchen.

Final step

Now your plans are finalised contact your local building inspector to review your plans.Health and fire codes must be met.Be prepared to rearrange you space to suit regulations.