How to Migrate From iOS Ecosystem to Android

One of the many reasons why Androidusers love their devices is the option to customise the OS according to their preferences. Apple and iOS, unfortunately, do not provide any sort of customisations. This has made many Apple users to leave behind their iPhones for Android devices.

Moving from an Apple device to Android is not that easy. Most of the data is kept restricted to the ecosystem, and the only option to transfer any of your content is either cloud storage or manual transfer. If you’re one of those who is looking for a change, then here are a few ways you can transfer all your data from the iPhone to a new Android phone.

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All your contacts are automatically synced to the cloud. So, transferring your numbers from your iPhone to your new Android phone will not need any cables or copy and paste procedures.

All you need to do is add your Google account to your iPhone and turn on the settings to backup all contacts to Google’s cloud. When you next login into your Android phone, all your contacts will be synchronised

Your messages on the iPhone can be backed up too. Connect your iPhone to iTunes while on Airplane mode, and create an unencrypted backup. Once the backup is done, follow the instructions to copy your backup data to your Android phone.iSMS2droid recognises your backup of messages and call log, and restores it to your new phone.

Your most precious moments are at the top of your list when backing up data. To make sure your photos are still available on the new device, download Google Photos on your iOS device and enable backup of all photos. Your new Android device already has the Photos app installed. All you need to do is login into your account and you should find all your pictures readily available on the cloud storage.

 iTunes Music purchases:
 Your purchases from iTunes can easily be accessed on your new Android device via the Apple Music app for Android. Login into your Apple account and see all your music purchases without repurchasing them from other platforms.

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