TUTORIAL: Edit a Shopify Themes and Templates with JavaScript, CSS, & HTML

In case you’re not a developer,you can’t not make sure how to alter this, so this post will demonstrate to you best practices to alter this. Many subjects utilize SCSS, so it look like as “style.scss.liquid” or “theme.scss.liquid.”

It’s important that,when you begin customization’s, to consider that rolling out these sorts of improvements. When you consider to finish for change in accordance with subject’s worked in settings a way doesn’t require code.

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In this article we talk about How to alter Shopify topics and layouts utilizing HTML, CSS and JavaScript. This instructional exercises at Ecommerce stage expect you to alter the CSS, HTML and Javascript from your Shopify topic.

Changing topics utilizing strategies talked about the require at any rate learning of CSS, HTML, JavaScript and coding standards, so make sure you alright with before endeavoring any.


Moreover, these methods included favorable position that,you keep running into similarity with customization’s, you can expel incorporate tags,as well as disengage the issue.

  1. Access the subjects zone of administrator board tap the symbol in upper right ( looks like three specks). After select Edit HTML/CSS from the flyout menu that shows up.
  2. You’ll see Shopify’s subject document director, it has a limited white bar to one side of the Shopify administrator bar.Scroll down this toolbar until the point that you see the organizer and tap on grow to vital.
  3. Tap the Add new resource interface. Select Create clear record tab and give your document a name. You can normally get a kick out of the chance to utilize custom-styles.
  4. From drop down menu, select the .css.liquid expansion.
  5. Presently observe a clear document on the bigger, right hand board of the topic record administrator. where you can begin writing CSS announcements. Make sure to spare your work as you go.
  6. To incorporate you to new template topic, look up on the rundown of envelopes and discover Layouts organizer. snap to grow and select theme.liquid.
  7. find shutting </head> tag. An approach to do this tap the code you see on, right side and afterward hit Ctrl and F key your console. A hunt box will show up the upper of the code view.Type or glue in </head> and code editorial manager will “hop” to this tag shows up.
  8. you’ve found the </head> tag, and hit enter to include another line. At that point sort or glue in this code without anyone else line.
  9. In the event that your custom CSS document like as custom-styles.css.liquid, you can supplant “custom-styles” in this line you can utilize code. Note that ,fluid ought excluded in this code.
  10. Spare your work. any styles you can add to the custom-styles, including abrogates, should overwrite of any topics worked in styles.

These sorts of customizations aren’t the black out on the most fundamental level. They do require information of HTML , CSS and also Shopify’s templating dialect.


Shopify Themes as of now come stuffed with tons and incredible highlights that simple to arrange to utilizing the implicit setup board.

Shopify’s amazing documentation to recommends these sorts of changes and even in some cases, give the code required. So this is a decent idea for Shopify store proprietor.

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