TUTORIAL: How to Use Shopify E-Commerce Blog Page Layout

In this article, we examine about Using the blog page format in your Shopify Themes and Templates. Run an online store? Indeed, you require an effective site for that.

Blogger is potentially the most seasoned blogging stage still currently running on the web. The “blog.liquid” format is utilized to the blog page. The basic role of this page is to list the articles inside a blog. You can utilize article labels to channel a blog into littler articles.



For instance, in the event that you are on the blog page and need to demonstrate articles with the label news, you can do affixing the label’s handle to the finish of the gathering’s URL.

Format documents are essential for subject in light of the fact that each format record is rendered inside the dynamic design. There is just a single dynamic design on your store at any given time. Dynamic design changes when your online guests start the checkout procedure.

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The “theme.liquid” document is the default dynamic design. At the point when guests are perusing your online store or site. It for the most part renders the header substance, route and other worldwide factors. Turns into the dynamic design amid the checkout process.The “page.liquid” format is utilized to render your shop’s pages.




The format gives both of you choices: The standard and The brick work. Have an alternate design with a rundown of blog entries with a little picture on the left and the selection of the post on the right. Numerous bloggers utilize this format.

There are such a significant number of alternatives when you endeavor to pick your blog page format in your Shopify Themes and Templates that suits your site. Shopify Blog Templates have a route for all eCommerce locales.

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